It’s nearly half term! With us being in lockdown it is very restrictive on what we can do with our little ones so I’ve decided to have some fun outdoors with my kids next week.

My oldest absolutely loves being outdoors, I only have to mention it and he is at the door with his wellies and coat on but my youngest is more reluctant in the cold weather and is quite happy to stay indoors. This means that I have to get creative and make it as much fun as I possibly can. I thought I would share a few of my ideas for having fun outdoors and hopefully they will be great fun for half term.

My first activity idea is one of my favourites and my daughter absolutely loves it which is to make a mud kitchen. You don’t need a mud kitchen to do this activity. Just a place where there is some mud or use a bag of soil and get out a few utensils and some pots or pans. Then, kids will use their imagination to make whatever they like, it could be a mud pie or a chocolate milkshake! Leaves, sticks and natural items outdoors can be used in the creativity too.

Another great outdoor activity is to make a bug hotel. To make one, you need either a toilet roll or a milk bottle (with both the top and bottom cut off). Then put the sticks and leaves inside. You need to keep filling your bug hotel until the sticks are in there so tight that when you lift it upside down, none of them will fall out. When you have finished, place your bug hotel somewhere on the ground preferably in the shade or in a bush for the bugs to find. The items for the bug hotel could be collected on a walk making it a fun scavenger hunt too.

My final outdoor activity suggestion is to play Kim’s game outdoors. First, collect six to ten items that are easily found outdoors. Then, let your children look at the items for a couple of minutes to try and memorise them. After this, hide them or cover them up and the challenge is to remember the items and go and collect them themselves. This game can be played many times with different items and you could take it in turns to be the leader of the game. This game could also be played when out on a walk too.

I am really hoping that we get some nice dry weather for half term but if not, we will still be out with our waterproofs on enjoying the great British weather! I hope that these activity ideas are useful and that everyone has a lovely, restful half term.

Written by Becky Hoare, Creator of Pop Up Play Village