Play Sessions

Our Pop Up Play Village can pop up everywhere and anywhere. We run different sessions to meet your needs and those of the weather. All our sessions are suitable for babies and children up to eight years old.

Pop Up Play Village

Enter into our role play world where children become doctors, chefs, artists, vets, builders, adventurers, librarians, waiters and shopkeepers. Here imagination leads the way so no two play sessions are ever the same.

Pop Up Play Village Themed

Here fiction, fantasy and the real world collide as dinosaurs, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, pirates, superheroes and many more make an appearance in our play village. Children can still play in our role play world, but they can also hunt for dinosaurs, banish pirates back to their boats, get arty with the mermaids and use their super powers to create something magical to take home.

Pop Up Play Village Celebrates the Seasons

At Pop Up Play village we have a calendar of events like everyone else. We mark the changing seasons as we pass through the year and also celebrate key events like Halloween, Christmas and Easter.