Our Pop Up Play Village Franchise Opportunity

Pop Up Village is the original, first ever mobile role play village to exist. It was created by an idea that our franchisor Becky had back in 2016  when looking for activities to take her own children to and not finding a class that would benefit both her baby and 2 year old at the time. After some researching, it was clear that a mobile role play village didn’t exist anywhere and that is where our journey began!

Pop Up Play Village is such a unique and special place for both children and their families to come and play, we are so proud of what we have achieved so far. We want to welcome many more children and their parents into our role play world, but to do that we need some help.

We’re looking for people who understand children and enjoy being around them. Ideally you’ll have experience of working with children and/or have your own – but that’s not essential. What is, is a sense of fun and adventure.

We think Pop Up Play Village is a fantastic business opportunity, take a look  at our reasons below as to why we think it is!

Why Join Our Village:

  • We are the only role play and outdoor explorers business, the best of both worlds!

  • Pop Up Play Village has been created by an Early Years Specialist Teacher with a passion for educating children through play. It is the only role play business to have Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1 Curriculum planning underpinning our play areas. As a result, we can take our village in to schools and early years settings and teach a class of children purely through role play.

  • As well as having curriculum planning, we also have a wealth of themed planning too! You can choose from a great selection to theme your village.

  • Our village design is open plan. This is vital for our customers to feel safe and secure, adults can see their children at all times as their children develop the confidence to explore our village. We purposefully don’t have any backdrops or borders so that our customers can relax and enjoy attending an activity with their children in a stress free environment. 

  • Our village has been designed with big play areas that can fit several families in at a time which are great for families and friends to socialise and play together. Also by having big open plan play areas, children are  able to fully lead their play letting their imaginations run wild and making connections with one play area to another.

  • Pop Up Play Village is a trademarked business. When you join our team you get the rights to use our trademark, stand out from the crowd and offer our ultimate role play experience in your area. 

  • You will get full online training when you join which can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. After the initial training, you will get on going support as little or as much support as you need. 

  • You will be your own boss, running a tried and tested business. You get the flexibility to decide when and how often you work. The choice is yours.

  • We offer such a variety of services – role play classes, parties, wedding entertainment, working in schools to name a few. You can choose which services you would like to offer or offer them all if you like. The choice is yours to make.

  • Our team members are very creative, we don’t restrict that here at Pop Up Play Village. We are a franchise and we do work together to provide the ultimate role play experience for our communities but we do also believe that it is great for each individual franchise to put their own stamp on their business allowing their personalities and passions to shine through.

  • When you join our team, we do the work to get your kit prepared and organised. This typically takes us six weeks to do, it then gets delivered to you all ready to launch.

  • We have the support from both a government backed loan and high street banks to provide funding to cover the start up costs to join our team. No savings are needed to join Pop Up Play Village. 

  • Last but not least, this is a big benefit… you get to join our very special Pop Up Play Village team. We work together, we provide support to each other and as a result we have a fantastic reputation in our local areas. They say it takes a village to build a business and in our case it definitely does. 

What Our Franchisees Say:

A review from Katie who owns Pop Up Play Village in and around Bournemouth and Poole:

I have been doing Pop Up Play Village sessions since June. I absolutely love meeting all the parents, carers and children and bonus of being able to take my children with me too. I have had so much support from everyone in The Pop Up Play Village family. I would especially like to say a big thank you to Becky who has been an absolute rock and answering every little question I have had.

I have loved watching families enjoy my sessions and rebooking as soon as they have been to a session. This job is so rewarding, fun and I am so pleased I took this big step to join Pop Up Play Village. I cannot wait to see what happens as I continue to grow.

A review from Kay and Steven who own Pop Up Play Village in Lanarkshire:

We came across Pop Up Play Village online and instantly knew that this was something we had to investigate. We instantly loved the concept and knew this would be a fantastic opportunity to bring lots of smiles to many children’s faces. Happy Kids = Happy Parents.

We were delighted to bring Pop Up Play Village to Scotland in October 2022.

We love meeting the children and their families in the village and seeing them enjoy themselves whilst spending quality time together. Building relationships with customers and seeing their wee ones skipping through the door – makes the job very rewarding. The flexibility of choosing your own schedule works perfectly round our family commitments.

Becky and the Team have always been a fantastic source of help and guidance.  Any questions big or small we have asked we have always received an answer along with some very helpful suggestions. 

We are delighted at how our business has grown in just under a year and are excited to see the direction the business goes as we head into 2024 and beyond.  

Our franchisee Erica who owns both the Basingstoke and Reading franchises has filmed a video testimonial about her own experience of running a Pop Up Play Village franchise.

To access the video, click on this link:


A review from Lizette who owns Pop Up Play Village in and around Windsor, Slough and Staines:

I launched Pop Up Play Village in and around Windsor, Slough and Staines last May. From the beginning I have been fully supported by my Franchisor Becky. Becky is absolutely passionate about Pop Up Play Village and the whole team follows her in her ethos , love for education and her interest to make a difference in communities.

Becky  is always available , she is always keen to help, to listen to any concerns or problems. Therefore, she will try to find a solution and help out. She has created an  amazing team work, team spirit because she firmly  believes in it. She is an outstanding leader, hands and brain on,  very empathic and supporting. As a franchisee, Pop Up Play Village has always felt  a safe place  , a family of very strong women doing brilliant work and a great opportunity to work with a very conscious, kind and committed woman: Becky.

A review from Hannah who owns Pop Up Play Village in and around Cannock.

I started my Pop Up Play Village franchise just over 12 months ago and have had the most amazing journey so far. I love the flexibility of having my own business around busy family life and the added bonus that I can take my children along to sessions makes life so much easier!

The wider team is really supportive and it’s great to have people on hand to ask questions and advice, although you have control of your business you don’t feel like you are doing it alone, which makes such a difference! 

The Franchisor Becky is incredibly supportive and goes above and beyond to help each franchise to grow! 

I love that I can pop up anywhere with the village and the satisfaction of watching the children have fun and engaging in play makes it all worthwhile!! 

A review from Hayley who owns Pop Up Play Village in West Sussex:

When I came across Pop Up Play Village I absolutely loved the concept of it. Working with children for many years and with my own children, I have seen first hand the enjoyment and learning that comes through role play. It was something I knew I would love and it works perfectly around my family life, which was really important to me.

Becky (the franchisor) is so supportive and is always there to answer any questions I have. The other franchisees are so friendly and helpful too, it really feels like your part of a team. 

I can’t wait to grow my franchise more and continue to enjoy bringing role play fun to children and their families in the West Sussex area.

A review from Zoe who owns Pop Up Play Village in North East Cornwall

I joined Pop Up Play Village one year ago in August, after 23 years of teaching in EYFS and KS1. I stumbled across the franchise by chance and was instantly hooked. I contacted Becky (the Franchisor) and observed in great detail what the other franchisees were doing. Part of me was tempted to ‘copy’ the concept but I’m incredibly relieved I didn’t. The help and support from Becky and the team is incredible and I would not be where I am today without that support and backing. The amazing website, the efficient booking systems, the help with the financial side of running a business and team moral and support has been first class. It has meant my journey has been fairly stress free, straightforward and incredibly exciting. I love the fact that there is room for individuality. This is really important to me. I do not wish to be a carbon copy of the other groups around the UK. We are all the same franchise but with our own personalities shining through.

As Pop Up Play Village continues to expand and grow, I’m thrilled to be part of that journey. 

A review from Julie and Alison who own Pop Up Play Village in and around Cleethorpes:

As people say, we only have one life, live it! When Ali and I saw the opportunities Pop Up held we went for it! The idea of working with children, teaching them through role play and having your own timetable seemed amazing and a great fit around my family and new life.

A review from Katie who owns Pop Up Play Village in East Herts and North West Essex:

I’m super passionate about my little business, where I can go with it, what I can offer to the area and further afield and how I can grow. Being able to offer so much through Pop Up Play Village is so rewarding.

For more information and to find out if running a Pop Up Play Village franchise is right for you, contact our franchisor Becky:

Tel: 07807297259       Email: hello@popupplayvillage.co.uk