Pop Up Play Village in Schools

Our franchisor is a qualified early years teacher with many years of experience working in schools. Pop Up Play Village was very much created with a focus on the educational benefits that it can provide for our young learners. Along with this of course we had to make our events fun and inspirational for children so that they would want to get stuck in and learn through their play! 

Pop Up Play Village works regularly in schools using our curriculum planning which ties in with the EYFS and KS1 curriculum. We go into schools and teach EYFS and KS1 children where they get to learn purely through role play. A great way for children to learn in a fun and purposeful way!

We absolutely love visiting schools and nursery settings and we have many different services that we can offer:

  • We can come in on a regular weekly basis to teach a class of children purely through our role play areas. A great way to cover a class teacher’s planning, preparation and assessment time.

  • We can come in and run a role play day linked to any topic that the children are currently learning about. We can take up to 30 children at a time in each play session.

  • We can run outdoor explorers sessions which are all about the children getting outdoors and exploring nature. This again can be themed and linked to a current topic. We can run one off sessions, a series of sessions or run regular weekly sessions. More information about outdoor explorers can be found under our outdoor explorers heading on our website.

  • After school clubs – we can run role play or outdoor explorers after school clubs. Our role play after schools clubs will be suitable for FS and KS1 children. Our outdoor explorers after school clubs are suitable for FS through to KS2.


”The children had a fantastic time. I would thoroughly recommend this company to early years settings and schools in the area. The day was themed around our own planning and early learning goals. They ran Circle Times and games and even made observations for us which can be added to our children’s Learning Journey records. They have lesson plans in place up to the end of Year 2 Primary!”

Review from a Pre-School Manager

”Pop Up Play Village is an amazing addition to our week. The children absolutely love it. It is brilliantly organised, links to our planning and builds on the children’s prior learning. Pop Up Play Village provides unique and exciting opportunities for developing children’s oracy, understanding and social skills”

Review from a teacher of a FS2 class

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