Nurture and care is one of our 6 values that sits at the heart of everything that we do. We feel that it is vital that we look after our little visitors and their grown ups with nurture and care and also when children are playing, we want to encourage the development of these skills too. As this value has two key elements to it, I’m going to talk about each one separately and explain how we promote nurture and care here at Pop Up Play Village.

Right from the booking process to arriving at our village until the end of your experience, we strive to make it a fun, relaxing and stress free experience for all of our visitors both children and adults. Pop Up Play Village is a whole family experience and we want everyone to have a great time. We care so much about our visitors and ensuring that you all have a wonderful experience so if there is anything you need, do just let us know.

We have an open plan village without any borders and backdrops in order to provide a relaxing and stress free experience for both children and adults. You can see your children at all times and they can see you so if they decide to explore our village independently, you can still see them and give them independence at the same time.

We have large play areas so that children and adults can play together in a relaxed environment. It is relaxed because there are multiple of the same resources in each play area which allows the children to play with and alongside each other. Our play areas are large enough for adults to join in which is a great way to spend quality time playing and exploring our play areas with your little ones.

Our play areas are baby proof and we have a baby play area too so if you have a baby as well as older children, you can bring them together. You can relax in knowing that there is plenty for your baby to explore too and that it is a safe environment.

Now let’s look at how our village encourages nurturing and caring skills whilst children are playing. Our village is a very sociable place to play in. This means that children are learning how to be kind, caring and are learning how to share and explore the play areas with others. Our play areas have been designed to encourage caring and nurturing skills. For example in the hospital, the children are learning how to look after and care for the patients in there. In the baby nursery, the babies need to be cared for and often there are conversations in there about how we look after babies and what they need to make them happy. In the café, the children are sharing the food with others, preparing food for other people and taking it in turns to talk to each other whilst having a meal. Our whole village has been carefully thought out to promote caring and nurturing skills and as children arrive to play, they are instantly learning how to play with others and communicate with each other in a caring and nurturing environment.

Written by Becky Hoare, Franchisor and Creator of Pop Up Play Village