When I launched Pop Up Play Village just over 6 years ago, I had a choice whether to create the village as cost effective as possible or source the best products of the highest quality that I could find. I decided to go with the second option. Not only did I want the products to be long lasting and durable but I also wanted our visitors both children and adults to be wowed by the quality of resources that we have chosen to create our village. I’m very lucky that when a new Pop Up Play Village franchise launches in a new area, I get to go along to the launch event. I never get bored of our lovely customers complimenting us on the high quality equipment that we use. It’s amazing that we get recognised for this and it is a value that is very important to us and the ethos of our village.

As well as the resources that we use being the best quality, I think that the size of our play areas also make the play areas high quality. When we have many children playing within a play area, it wouldn’t be a high quality play area if there wasn’t enough resources for them to play with. When I designed our village, I made sure that there were plenty of resources for many children to play together. Children love to imitate and play alongside others and to do this, they often need to be playing with the same items. In our play areas, they can certainly do this.

In order for us to create high quality play areas, we feel that it is vital that there are no borders or backdrops in our village. Borders or backdrops limit the size that the play areas can be. Each play area needs to be open plan to be large enough for several families to play together. Also the connections that children make between one play area and another because our village is open plan create the high quality learning experiences that we so often see in our village.

Our village is lovely, I know I am biased but it really is and special moments are made in our village every day. This value of ours to have high quality play areas is vital for our village and a huge part of what makes it special.

Written by Becky Hoare, Franchisor and Creator of Pop Up Play Village