Take a read here about how outdoor learning experiences benefit child development written by Forest Holidays.

The experiences children have in their daily lives will shape their overall development, so it’s crucial that they’re given the tools and the opportunity to learn, play and grow in a healthy environment. And while the foundations of our children’s education may be built within the classroom, research has shown that there are plenty of benefits to be had from learning in the great outdoors, too.

When they enjoy learning, they’re more likely to engage and remember the lessons they learn, but the benefits to taking the classroom outside don’t end there. From helping to develop social skills to fostering greater creativity, educating children in a natural setting promotes many different skills needed throughout their lives. Not to mention, by spending more time in nature, children are more likely to develop a relationship with the environment, and gain a better understanding of the role we play in protecting it.

This insightful guide produced by Forest Holidays (link below) explores more of the benefits that outdoor learning can bring to children, both in their childhood and as they develop into teenagers. It also provides a list of 50 different activity ideas to help parents, carers and teachers encourage their children to explore beyond the four walls of their bedroom or classroom.