Do you find it tricky to balance work and family life?  This certainly was on the forefront of my mind when I had to go back to being a full time teacher after my first child was born. I had mum guilt that I wasn’t with my seven month old baby when I was at work and then when I was at home, I was thinking about all the work that I needed to get done. I found it a very tricky time and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like this.

After my second child was born, I decided that I wasn’t going to try and balance my teaching career whilst bringing up my family as it didn’t work for me and that is when my Pop Up Play Village journey began. I still wanted to work but I wanted a suitable work life balance that would work for me. Pop Up Play Village enabled me to be my own boss, work as part time as I wanted and to work around family life.

So, would you like to run your very own family friendly business? Would you like to find out more about our Pop Up Play Village franchise opportunity? If yes, then do read on to find out more about the benefits of joining our team.

What are the benefits for you when running Pop Up Play Village in your local area?

Here they are…

  • We are the only role play and outdoor explorers business to exist, the best of both worlds!

  • Pop Up Play Village has been created by me, an Early Years Specialist Teacher with a passion for educating children through play. It is the only role play business to have Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1 Curriculum planning underpinning our play areas. As a result, you can take Pop Up Play Village into schools and early years settings in your area and teach a class of children purely through role play.

  • As well as having curriculum planning, we also have a wealth of themed planning too! You can choose from a great selection to theme your village. This saves you time as the planning is done for you.

  • Our village design is open plan. This is vital for our customers to feel safe and secure, adults can see their children at all times as their children develop the confidence to explore our village. We purposefully don’t have any backdrops or borders so that our customers can relax and enjoy attending an activity with their children in a stress free environment. You can provide this very needed stress free and engaging environment creating an impact in your local community.

  • Our village has been designed with big play areas that can fit several families in at a time which are great for families and friends to socialise and play together. Also, by having big open plan play areas, children are able to fully lead their play letting their imaginations run wild and making connections with one play area to another. You get to be a part of this journey with families in your local area, truly amazing!

  • Pop Up Play Village is a trademarked business. When you join our team you get the rights to use our trademark, stand out from the crowd and offer our ultimate role play experience in your area.

  • You will get full online training when you join which can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. After the initial training, you will get on going support as little or as much support as you need. A great way to run your own business but get the vital support that you need at the same time.

  • You will be your own boss, running a tried and tested business. You get the flexibility to decide when and how often you work. The choice is yours. You can even take your children to work with you.

  • We offer such a variety of services – role play classes, parties, wedding entertainment, working in schools to name a few. You can choose which services you would like to offer or offer them all if you like. The choice is yours to make. The chance to run a rewarding business where there is never the chance to get bored.

  • Our team members are very creative, we don’t restrict that here at Pop Up Play Village. We are a franchise and we do work together to provide the ultimate role play experience for our communities but we do also believe that it is great for each individual franchise to put their own stamp on their business allowing their personalities and passions to shine through. You can run a tried and tested business and add your own mark to it too.

  • When you join our team, we do the work to get your kit prepared and organised. This typically takes us six weeks to do, it then gets delivered to you all ready to launch. This is a huge time saver and it means you can focus on marketing in your area ready for launch!

  • We have the support from both a government backed loan and high street banks to provide funding to cover the start up costs to join our team. No savings are needed to join Pop Up Play Village. 

  • Last but not least, this is a big benefit… you get to join our very special Pop Up Play Village team. We work together, we provide support to each other and as a result we have a fantastic reputation in our local areas. They say it takes a village to build a business and in our case it definitely does!  

  • Written by Becky Hoare, Franchisor of Pop Up Play Village