Pop Up Play Village has purposefully been designed as an open plan role play village without any borders or backdrops. There are many reasons that it has been designed in this way, it wouldn’t work any other way. Here is exactly why this is:

  • In order for you, our customers to feel safe and secure in our village, you need to be able to see your little ones and your little ones need to be able to see you. Backdrops and borders would completely prevent this from happening. It is so important to us that our village is a place where you can relax and know that your children are safe and happy. For your children, they can develop their confidence and independence to explore our village whilst being able to see you at all times.

  • By having an open plan role play village, your child’s learning has no limits. Children can see the whole village and what is available to them to explore. This is so beneficial to your child’s learning and development as they make connections with one play area to another. At Pop Up Play Village, we encourage children to move resources from one play area to another as they explore and as they are doing so they are in the driving seat to their learning fueling their imagination and inspiring them to learn about the world around them.

  • Our play areas are larger as a result of not having any borders or backdrops to limit our size. This means that several families can play together in just one of our play areas, this has huge benefits for your children to be able to socialise and make friends with others. It also allows you to play with your children in our play areas as they are big enough for many to play in at a time. As well as having high quality toys in our play areas, the play areas we provide in our village are also high quality due to the space that the children have to play in. Due to being able to create large play areas, we have many of the same resources within a play area so that children can role play together, imitating and learning from one another using the same resources. Our play areas wouldn’t be as fun as they are without the amount of socialising that takes place between both adults and children in our play areas and this wouldn’t be possible without them being large and open plan.

  • Our village is baby proof because it is open plan. If you bring your baby to our village, you know that he or she can explore any of our role play areas as well as the baby play area and that it will be safe to do so. If your baby is on the move, we provide an environment where they can safely explore without the need for you to look for the dangers around them. My baby daughter was 7 months old when I launched Pop Up Play Village so every little detail was designed to be safe for babies exploring our village.

All of these reasons show just how important it was to design Pop Up Play Village as an open plan role play village.  Not only for the safety of our little ones exploring the village but also for the educational benefits that it provides and the fun that it brings.

Written by Becky Hoare, Creator and Franchisor of Pop Up Play Village