Every child is unique each with their own interests, what one child might find a fun and inspirational play experience may be different to that of another. That is why child led play is so important. Through child led play, each child is in the driving seat. They can lead their own learning and take their play into an experience that is fun for them and inspires them to want to play more.

Here at Pop Up Play Village, we have created an open plan, child led role play experience where the children can do just this, they can lead their own learning in a fun, play based environment. We set up the play areas before our visitors arrive never knowing in what direction the children are going to use our play areas to inspire their play. For example, one child may use our construction site to build a house whilst another may decide to use the bricks in the construction to create shapes. There are no set ways to play at Pop Up Play Village and no play session is ever the same.

As children start to play in our village, their play does often change direction depending on what others are doing around them. Children are influenced by how other children play in our village. This is such a great opportunity for children to learn from each other and to develop their social skills. How children are playing in our play areas inspires those around them to try new ideas and to experiment in new ways that they may not have thought of before. The children really do own the play space together creating a fun, inspiring and sociable place to play.

Written by Becky, Franchisor of Pop Up Play Village