When I created Pop Up Play Village back in 2016, our wedding entertainment service didn’t exist. It wasn’t until after I launched Pop Up Play Village and I took my own children to a wedding that the idea came about. As a parent, taking young children to a wedding where there is no entertainment for them or nothing for them to do is really hard and by the end of the day, you are exhausted. This is how I felt taking my own two children and I remember being at the wedding with that light bulb moment where I decided that wedding entertainment for children was desperately needed and Pop Up Play Village could provide this.

We have been running wedding entertainment for many years now and at every single wedding where we bring our Pop Up Play Village play areas along, the parents are so incredibly grateful. It allows them the chance to relax knowing that their little ones are entertained and happy and gives them a chance to socialise with family and friends at such a special occasion.

If you are considering having Pop Up Play Village at your wedding, here’s some more information about why our wedding entertainment packages are so good:

  • We tailor our wedding entertainment to suit you and the timings of your special day. You can have us there for just a couple of hours or much longer. The choice is yours!

  • Our play areas are flexible to suit the space that you have at the venue. We can set up our play areas in one section of the room where the wedding is taking place or we can set up in a room exclusively for children’s entertainment. We can also set up either indoors or outdoors. You can choose how many play areas you would like to fit the space that is available.

  • Our play areas keep the children entertained for hours. Whilst the children are happy and engaged having a great time, their parents can relax and enjoy the special day.

  • We can provide activities during the speeches which is often a difficult time for children to sit still. This can be activities to do at the table whilst the speeches are taking place or outside of the room.

  • Every single member of staff providing the wedding entertainment is DBS checked and there will always be a qualified first aider present.

  • Our play areas and activities are mess free. We know that children are usually dressed up for the occasion so we bring along activities that will keep them looking smart.

  • You can choose the play areas you would like us to set up and we have a variety to choose from. As well as our role play areas, we can bring mess free art activities, a baby area and a quiet area to name a few.

There we go, that is my ultimate list of reasons why our wedding entertainment service is so special. Our wedding entertainment service is something that I am incredibly proud of. The main reason being is that it is so appreciated not only by the little guests who get to have an amazing time playing at a wedding but also by the adult guests too! It is a service that greatly benefits the families attending the very special occasion.

Written by Becky Hoare, Franchisor and Creator of Pop Up Play Village