Let’s talk about our themed play sessions!

Here at Pop Up Play Village, we sometimes run themed play sessions. Our themed play sessions are run in the same way as our standard play sessions with a selection of our high quality role play areas set up to create an inspirational and exciting role play experience for our visitors but with a twist!

So how is the theme incorporated?

When we theme our play sessions, it is our mascots Poppy and Pete that create the theme with their challenges! When you enter, you will see some Poppy and Pete challenges around the room in our play areas. These challenges are all linked to the theme and enable our little learners to use their imaginations and problem-solving skills to complete the challenges. For example, for our theme Role Play with Rhymes, the construction site challenge is to see if you can build a wall for Humpty Dumpty! By incorporating the theme in this way, we are able to bring the theme to life within each play area and provide high quality educational experiences at the same time.

Here’s Poppy and Pete our mascots who our little visitors get to know so well:

How are the themes created?

Our themes are developed in the same way as our play areas have been created with the focus on the educational benefits that we can offer children who come to visit right at the very centre as well as being fun to complete! Our themes are very much used when working in schools and early years settings too as we can select a theme that will link to the topic that the class are working on bringing that topic to life as they have fun exploring our play areas.