Winter Wonderland in Sonning Common

Brrrr it's certainly getting chilly now that winter is here and there is ice and snow on the way. We are celebrating

Winter Wonderland in Sonning Common2019-12-04T22:36:16+00:00

Dinosaurs in Sonning Common

We are celebrating Dinovember and at this session the Dinosaurs are stampeding in and taking over the Play Village. Your little people

Dinosaurs in Sonning Common2019-10-03T14:16:29+01:00

Superheroes in Sonning Common

Are your super senses tingling? The superheroes are out in force for our role play session this month. Our superheroes can go

Superheroes in Sonning Common2019-06-10T10:40:56+01:00

Dinosaurs in Sonning Common

The dinosaurs are back in the Pop Up Play village. Due to popular demand T Rex and his friends will be hiding

Dinosaurs in Sonning Common2019-03-23T14:55:38+00:00

Eggtastic Fun in Sonning Common

Hop along to our Easter play session where we have Eggtastic fun planned in our role play village. We have bunnies galore

Eggtastic Fun in Sonning Common2019-02-12T13:36:04+00:00