What is Diddy Villagers?

Our Diddy Villagers play sessions or Dwty Villagers for events running in Wales are exclusive play sessions for prewalkers. A great way for prewalkers to get immersed into the world of role play and socialise with children of their own age. 

How are our Diddy Villagers play sessions different to  our standard role play play sessions?

At Diddy Villagers play sessions, all of our play areas are floor level to make them accessible to all. We use the same high quality equipment to create our role play areas with the removal of any tables, chairs and wheeled toys that we would usually use at our standard play sessions. This enables all prewalkers to be able to access all play areas and there aren’t any resources to tempt any climbers making it a safe way for little ones to explore and enjoy engaging in role play activities. 

Prewalkers are also very much welcome at our standard role play sessions too and we do always have play areas suitable for them to explore at these sessions. The main difference between the two is that the Diddy Villagers sessions are only for prewalkers so it gives babies an opportunity to explore the whole play village with children of their own age and at their own pace. 

How are our Diddy Villagers play sessions run?

Our Diddy Villagers play sessions are run in a very similar way to our standard play sessions with the focus on exploratory play. When you arrive at one of our Diddy Villagers play sessions, you will be welcomed on arrival and then you can choose where you would like to play! If your little one is not yet moving, you could spend some time in each play area and move around with your baby exploring and having fun in each area. If your little one is on the move, there is the freedom for your baby to explore and move to where they want to play in a fun and safe environment.

Exploratory play is a great way for babies to learn about the world around them and for them to socialise with other babies too. The way our play sessions are run enables an opportunity for parents and guardians to get to know each other too in a friendly and relaxing environment. 

What do babies learn through role play?

As well as being lots of fun, there are so many learning opportunities for babies through role play. Just like with older children, role play enables babies to learn about everyday situations and experiences and how the world around them works. Although, they are not acting it out or using speech in their play, they are still learning these skills.

Whilst playing in our role play areas, babies are learning how to interact with others which is great for exploring new situations, learning and understanding what words mean, when to use them and they are learning how to use their own voice. Your baby may communicate to you through babbling or a smile or through eye contact. This is all important learning for them and learning through play.

Role play is also great for babies to develop their concentration in a fun. sociable way with others. For example in our construction site play area, you could be using the bricks with your baby to build a tower. Getting your little one to focus their attention on the tower and then the fun of knocking it down is great for developing their concentration. 

Role play is brilliant for developing a baby’s fine motor skills such as learning to pick up toys and pass a toy from one hand to the other and to reach for toys. As a baby gets older and starts learning to crawl or walk, they are developing their gross motor skills. Role play is fun and encourages babies to want to move and explore the objects in the role play area. Maybe they will be handling toy food in our cafe play area and passing it between their hands, or perhaps putting role play items into bags or bowls in our supermarket.

How to book a Diddy Villagers play session?

Tickets for our Diddy Villagers and Dwty Villagers play sessions are limited and do need to be booked in advance. To find out if your local Pop Up Play Village franchise is offering these play sessions and to book, do have a look on our website event page: https://popupplayvillage.co.uk/events/

We can also offer exclusive Diddy Villagers play sessions such as for a first birthday celebration. Do contact your local franchise for more information on availability and pricing. 

If you would like any further information about our Diddy Villagers play sessions, do not hesitate to contact your local franchise who would be more than happy to help.

Written by Becky Hoare, Franchisor and Creator of Pop Up Play Village