Last July, over a dozen superhero cosplayers surprised a seven-year-old for a party do-over, turning a heartbreaking failed birthday celebration into a day he would never forget, and making it to the news. Cosplay is gaining recognition among families as a powerful outlet for kids’ imagination and creative play. Throwing out a cosplay themed party for your child and their friends will give them the wonderful experience of feeling like superheroes, magical princesses or futuristic freedom fighters for a day. A good cosplay party does require a lot of preparation, but there are great party services that can have your back. With some smart tips and ideas, you can have the whole event run smoothly and see your children have the time of their lives.

Figuring out the cosplay aspect

Not many parents are very familiar with the concept of cosplay, but in a word, it’s dressing up and acting as characters you like, for fun. Cosplay is natural for kids, since they love playing roles and exploring fantasy worlds. First of all, you should let your kids choose their cosplay: it could be a character from a famous movie they like, a book, a video game or anything your child can come up with that sparks their interest and excitement. You can go fancy and buy an expensive costume, and you can also go the DIY route and follow one of many tutorials you can find online. Even letting your child help you craft the costume can add to the fun and excitement of the day to come.

Build the world around them

One of the many wonderful things about cosplay parties is that the imagination of children can keep them going without much effort. All you have to do is provide an immersive environment, a world where kids can play as their characters, and from then the event will self-sustain. You can place decorations and create different areas that match the party’s theme.

Or, by using a party hire service, you can book a venue fully equipped with all furniture, toys and decorations your children need to live fun adventures dressed up as their favourite characters. These services will also have you covered with food, invites, party bags and even cleaning. The fun will never stop in these amazing worlds full of things to do and places to visit. You can also organise themed activities such as gathering ingredients for a magical potion, finding clues to bury up a treasure, and even defeat a supervillain all together! The sky is the limit when it comes to cosplay and imagination.

For your child’s party, you can easily create and customise entire worlds around your children where they can spend hours and hours without a moment of boredom, especially by integrating a cosplay theme. Organise one or two special activities, and for the rest, just let the children make up their own stories and adventures. And, of course, don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Written by Kylee Young