Our value ‘Safe and Secure’ is so important to our ethos at Pop Up Play Village. Not only is it vital that our village is safe and secure for obvious reasons to keep both our little visitors and grown ups safe but there are other reasons too! Here they are below!

The concept of Pop Up Play Village was designed because I was looking for a place to take my own children to that would be relaxing, stress free and fun. I found that when my children were little this was hard to find particularly with two children to keep an eye on at all times. Often I would come back from an outing exhausted and relieved to be home because being out of the house was too stressful. I created Pop Up Play Village based on what I felt would be a relaxing and educational experience for both children and adults. As soon as you enter Pop Up Play Village, your children can go off and explore. You can see them wherever they play as the room is completely open plan with no borders or backdrops in the way. Immediately, adults can relax knowing that their children are happy exploring and that they can see them no matter where they are in the room.

Not only is it important that us adults can see our children, it’s just as important for the children too. As they play, they can see their grown ups no matter where they are. Having the opportunity to explore freely in this way develops confidence and independence in children in a fun and stimulating environment.

Our resources in our village are suitable for babies upwards. This was vital to me when creating Pop Up Play Village. I had a baby at the time of designing our village, so it was in the forefront of my mind. It’s just as important to us that babies can go and explore freely as well as our bigger villagers and they can certainly do this in all areas of our village.

In order for children to learn and develop, they have to feel safe and happy in the environment that they are in. Here at Pop Up Play Village, we have created this wonderful environment where everyone can relax in a stress free environment and enjoy getting immersed into the world of role play. We truly love our village, and we hope that all of our wonderful villagers do too.

Written by Becky Hoare, Franchisor and Creator of Pop Up Play Village