We pride ourselves on our village being lots of fun for the whole family but what makes our play areas fun to explore?

Firstly when you enter Pop Up Play Village, you walk into a room where the play areas are beautifully set up and inspire the children to want to play. There are no borders or backdrops so the children can immediately see what there is to explore and decide where they want to go first. This sparks their interest and usually they take their shoes off and go straight to play.

As you enter our different play areas, the resources that we use are very realistic and all serve a purpose to create the play area. Immediately this makes the play areas fun for the children to explore. Children want to imitate what us adults do and so having realistic resources to play with excites them. As they explore the play areas, they are making connections with the resources in the play areas and the real world. This makes it such a fun and engaging play experience but also a place where high quality learning is taking place.

In our play areas, we have multiple sets of the same toys and equipment so that children can play alongside or with each other. This reduces the time that children need to wait their turn to use particular resources and it means that the play areas are a very sociable place to play. Playing alongside others is so much fun and children learn so much from each other too.

What also makes our village fun is that it is a relaxed environment to play in for the whole family. With the focus on child led play, children absolutely love this. They are in the driving seat to where and how they want to play for the whole session. This is not only relaxing for the children but it is also for the grown ups too. You can enjoy watching and joining in with your child’s play in a safe environment where you can see where your child is at all times. It needs to be a relaxing environment for children to have a high quality play experience and Pop Up Play Village is a great environment for this.

Children absolutely love to play with their grown ups and at Pop Up Play Village our village is set up so that everyone can play! Our play areas are large and open plan so that several families can play in a play area at the same time. This is great for a fun family play experience.

The way our village has been designed with its fun play spaces makes our village a very special place to come and play. As well as our village being extremely educational, fun is at the heart of everything we do too.

Written by Becky Hoare, Franchisor of Pop Up Play Village