Before I started Pop Up Play Village, I loved celebrating my children’s birthdays with a party but I found it stressful. In the weeks building up to it, I would be worrying about whether I had enough entertainment for the children, whether I had enough variety of food, what to offer to the parents attending even down to worrying about the weather! Children’s parties can be tough to organise, I’ve been there and felt like that!

When I started Pop Up Play Village, it was only a matter of weeks before a customer asked me if I ran birthday parties. At the time I wasn’t but I took that first party booking nervously. I was worried that it may be hard work like previous parties that I had run for my own children but it was the complete opposite, I discovered that I could offer a party service that was a stress-free way to run a children’s party!

Here’s my 10 reasons why I think our parties are stress free and perfect for young children:

  1. You don’t need to do any prep on the build up to the party, we will have the entertainment covered for the whole duration of the party so you can look forward to the special occasion.

  2. Each Pop Up Play Village party is unique as the birthday child and their family can pick out the play areas that they would like. This is such a special thing to do and it builds up excitement for the party. We love how our parties are designed and personalised for each birthday child that we run parties for.

  3. Our village is flexible to suit the space which means we can run big or small parties in a large or a smaller space, in a venue or even in your house. The choice is yours to make!

  4. On the day of the party, there is no setting up required when you book a party with us. We do all of the setting up of the entertainment so that you can enjoy getting ready for the party with your little one.

  5. On arrival at a Pop Up Play Village party, we find that the children attending settle quickly into enjoying the party. Sometimes parties can be daunting for little ones but we find that because our village is child led exploratory play, they get stuck in playing straight away.

  6. Our parties are brilliant for mixed ages which is great as there are often a variety of ages attending a party and it enables all children to have a great time together.

  7. We often get complimented by guests that our parties are calm and relaxed which tends to mean the children are happy and engrossed in their play. Our village is fun, engaging and can entertain children for hours as the children let their imaginations run wild. This creates a stress free and happy environment for both the children and the adults too.

  8. At our parties, it is not just about the children, we want the adults attending to have a great time too. Whilst the children are engrossed in their play, adults can enjoy the occasion and socialise with friends and family. At parties when you are the host, it can be hard to get the chance to say hi to everyone as you are busy running around. At our parties, we do the running around for you, we play with the children, we tidy around them as they play and we take the photos for you too!

  9. At the end of a party, the little ones are usually tired and the last thing you want to do is to spend ages tidying up. Our village is mess free and we tidy and pack it all up.

  10. After the party is over, you will have the special memories captured through the party photos that we have taken for you. We love capturing these special moments!

Here at Pop Up Play Village, our ultimate goal when running parties is to provide a stress free party for the party hosts, create a fun and exciting role play experience for both the children and adults who attend and to provide happy memories to remember the special occasion for years to come! Of course, I am completely biased but I do love the unique party service that we offer! Click on this video below to read some reviews from our party customers to give you a feel of what are parties are like…

Written by Becky Hoare