The idea of Pop Up Play Village came to me when I was looking for somewhere to take my children to and I couldn’t find anything suitable. At the time, my son was two and my daughter was a couple of months old. I was looking for a class where they would both benefit, learn and have fun in a safe environment where I could keep my eyes on both of them. I couldn’t find anything that offered this at the time. There were many classes specifically for babies or toddlers but nothing that suited them both. I remember saying to my husband ‘Why isn’t there a role play village that just pops up at local venues?’ That was when the Pop Up Play Village seed was planted in my head and our journey began!

As I had young children at the time, I knew it was paramount that the Pop Up Play Village design needed to be open plan so that our customers would be able to see their children all of the time no matter where they were in the village creating a relaxing and safe environment for everyone. Also, as a result of having an open plan design, it allows children to freely move from one play area to another taking resources with them as they do so to truly let their imaginations go wild. With my teacher hat on, this is an amazing way to encourage creative thinking in a child led environment!

One of the aspects of Pop Up Play Village that I love is that the design and the way that it has been created is great for siblings to be able to come to play sessions together. When my children were little, before they went off to school, they often came to work with me. Setting up and packing away was not always the easiest with them around but they got so much out of attending the play sessions and seeing them having quality time to play together was so very special. I love that our classes are great for children of different ages and that the way in which the village is set up allows children to have high quality role play experiences in a safe environment where their grown ups can see them at all times. I definitely have my children to thank for the inspiration for the design of Pop Up Play Village!

To take a closer look at how Pop Up Play Village classes benefit children of different ages, I have written a blog all about it, here’s the link:

Written by Becky Hoare

Franchisor and Creator of Pop Up Play Village