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Maternal mental health, it’s okay not to be okay

May 11th, 2021|

It was maternal mental health week last week and it is mental health awareness week this week and one of our franchises Janine who owns and runs our Wokingham Henley and Ascot franchise has written a blog about her maternal health and that it’s okay not to be okay. Thank you, Janine, for sharing your own experience. We hope you find it useful. Here I am the day after having Sophie, my eldest. We were finally meeting for the first time as she had been in special baby care. She was born by emergency c-section at full term (39

Our Brand New Diddy Villagers Play Sessions!

March 26th, 2021|

What is Diddy Villagers? Our Diddy Villagers play sessions or Dwty Villagers for events running in Wales are exclusive play sessions for prewalkers. A great way for prewalkers to get immersed into the world of role play and socialise with children of their own age.  How are our Diddy Villagers play sessions different to  our standard role play play sessions? At Diddy Villagers play sessions, all of our play areas are floor level to make them accessible to all. We use the same high quality equipment to create our role play areas with the removal of any tables, chairs

Outdoor Activity Ideas for Half Term Fun!

February 10th, 2021|

It’s nearly half term! With us being in lockdown it is very restrictive on what we can do with our little ones so I’ve decided to have some fun outdoors with my kids next week. My oldest absolutely loves being outdoors, I only have to mention it and he is at the door with his wellies and coat on but my youngest is more reluctant in the cold weather and is quite happy to stay indoors. This means that I have to get creative and make it as much fun as I possibly can. I thought I would share

What do babies learn through role play?

January 25th, 2021|

Watching a baby’s development and growth is truly fascinating, something that I do miss since my own two children have grown up. The time goes too fast and they learn at such a rapid speed. So, what are babies learning whilst role playing at home with an adult or sibling or when at a role play session? Babies are learning how to interact with others which is great for exploring new situations, learning and understanding what words mean, when to use them and they are learning how to use their own voice. For example, you could set up a teddy

Pop Up Play Village has a lot to offer

June 4th, 2020|

As we move through the school year, parents across the country continue to juggle home-schooling with work as well as managing all the other household routines and await a safe return to school. But in the meantime for those with younger children, help is at hand from Becky Hoare – founder of Pop Up Play Village – the place where imaginations go wild and children learn through play.  As a mum of two, former teacher and role play expert, she is uniquely placed to help parents keep children entertained, engaged, and learning in the confines of their homes.  “My kids

Lessons in Lockdown – Pop Up Play Village’s Experience

May 26th, 2020|

Today, I am happy to introduce Becky Hoare, who runs a fantastic children’s role-play business called ‘Pop Up Play Village’. Over to Becky, to tell you more about how the business works and what lessons she has learnt during this period in lockdown… “Hi, I’m Becky Hoare and I’m the Director and Franchisor of Pop Up Play Village Limited. Pop Up Play Village is a mobile role play village and we pop up for play sessions, parties and wedding entertainment. I work in schools and nurseries too, bringing my role play areas in to educate EYFS and Key Stage


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