Birthday Party Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

When Harper Beckham turned six years old, she celebrated by having a birthday party at Buckingham Palace complete with princess dresses and fancy food. While you do not have to be a super-rich celebrity to throw a memorable birthday party, a little bit of effort can go a long way in making your son or daughter feel loved on his or her special day. Although a birthday cake, a few fun games, a handful of children, and a couple of balloons generally constitutes a party you can achieve a lot more by keeping up with the latest birthday party trends. This year, aim to make your child’s birthday party more impressive than usual by considering a number of unique and trendy party ideas and calling in the crew from Pop Up Play Village to work their magic. 

Everyone loves cake

A party is not a party without a birthday cake. Apart from themed cakes, number cakes are predicted to be very popular this year especially considering that, according to Pinterest, searches for number caked increased by as much as 314% during the latter part of 2018. As far as flavour is concerned, vanilla and chocolate will continue to dominate with more ‘adult’ choices such as carrot, red velvet, and lemon also becoming increasingly popular. Multi-layered rainbow cakes and piñata cakes will once again be in high demand especially among children in the 6 to 10 year age group.

Keep the children entertained

There is no point in choosing a fun theme and ordering a beautiful birthday cake if your child’s party is going to be boring. Not only will a party devoid of entertainment be somewhat forgettable but you will also have to deal with a number of bored and irritated children. Popular activities to include in your party itinerary this year include magic shows, photo booths, a mini movie screening of a newly-released film, and any activity pertaining to cooking and crafting. If you are battling to come up with interesting party ideas yourself you should consider seeking out the expertise of the Pop Up Play Village team to help make your child’s next party memorable complete with fun activities, food, party bags, and even photos of your special event. 

Themed parties make children happy

Every year there are a number of birthday party themes that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest as far as popularity is concerned. This year will be no different. A lot of the most popular themes of the year will be movie inspired with Dumbo, How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World, and the highly anticipated sequel to Frozen all being released during the course of the year. Other soon-to-be-released movies that will make for superb party themes include the latest installments of Shrek and X-men, and The Secret Life of Pets which are bound to appeal to little boys and girls alike. You don’t have to settle on a movie-themed party for your child as many classical themes including Alice in Wonderland, forest fantasy, unicorns, cars, planes and trains, and pirates all set to make a comeback.

You are only young once and birthdays are meant to be celebrated. By taking heed of the latest in birthday party trends you will undoubtedly be able to throw your beloved child a very memorable birthday celebration.

Written by Kylee Young