Pop Up Play Village was created because I desired it for my own family, it was thought of because as a parent, I found it hard taking two young children out of the house without it being more stressful than staying in! I never planned to set up and run my own business but when I thought of the idea of creating a mobile role play village, it didn’t currently exist, no one was running anything like it. That’s why I did it, I had my own family needs in mind but I also wanted to help other families and create a stress free place for children and their families to play.

With this in mind, I would like to share my top 10 benefits that I think make our village special and benefit you and your children. Here they are…

  1. Stress Free – We use venues that have parking on site or very close by so right from the start of your visit it is easy for you to get your children through the door. Our village is open plan without any backdrops or barriers for a very important reason so that you can see where your children are at all times and they can confidently play in any of our play areas and be able to see you at the same time. This was vital to me when creating Pop Up Play Village and I knew that this was key for you and your little ones to be able to relax and enjoy visiting.

  1. Baby Proof – Our play areas are all baby proof so if you do have a baby in particular one that is on the move, you know that they are safe. There aren’t many places you can take a baby to where you don’t have to constantly make sure that everything around them is safe so I wanted to make sure that in our village, babies can have just as much fun in a safe and secure environment as much as our older children visiting. I had a 3 month old baby when I was designing Pop Up Play Village so this was right at the forefront of my mind. We do have a baby play area too but our babies who visit do love it in all of our role play areas too!

  1. Fun – Our village has to be fun for both your children and you otherwise we would have no visitors! Our play areas are fun, stimulating and highly engaging for you and your children to enjoy together.

  1. Clean – We have always made sure that our village is a clean place for you and your children to come and play in even before covid came along. Your safety and health are important to us and we know just how important it is to make sure that our village is always a clean place to visit. We know that children sometimes love to explore toys using their mouths so we have our rub a dub tub where any mouthed toys can go in for a clean. An extra measure that we take when running our classes and events.

  1. Educational – Role play is such a powerful way for your children to develop, learn and grow. When your children are immersed into a world of imaginative play, they are leading their learning and developing at their own pace. Our village is suitable for babies through to 8 years old because children of mixed ages can learn together through role play all at their own level of learning. Being an Early Years Specialist trained teacher, I wanted to go one step further than this. I created Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 curriculum planning to tie in with all of our play areas so that our play areas underpin the learning that the children are following through these curriculums in schools and early years settings. This is why we can go in to settings to teach a group of children purely through role play. Our village is a fantastic way for your children to learn whilst having lots of fun at the same time.

  1. Child Led Exploratory Play – In our village we don’t have any circle times or times when the children need to sit still and listen. When your children visit, they have the whole time to explore our village and get the most from their experience. This was important to me when designing Pop Up Play Village as from my teaching experience, children learn so much more from practising and being active in their learning. Also from a parent perspective, I used to find it really hard in classes when my children had to sit still and listen, I would always be on the edge of my seat hoping that they wouldn’t call out or get up and move!

  1. Time to Socialise – Socialising with others is great for both our children and ourselves. Our play areas are large enough to fit several families in one area at a time. This is great for your children to communicate with others and make friends but it is also great for us adults too. We have plenty of resources within each area so that your children can be playing with the same toys at the same time reducing the battles over sharing and taking turns. Also, there are huge benefits developmentally for our children to play alongside others and learn from each other.

  1. Quality time – Quality time with your little ones is so precious, they grow up so quick! Here at Pop Up Play Village, there is time for you and your children to play together in high quality play areas and make special memories together!

  1. Consistency – Children love to be familiar with places that they visit and with this in mind, it is important that our village is consistent for them. We do vary the play areas that we bring each week but there are always some familiar consistent play areas that were there the last time that they visited. This is important for your children to grow in confidence every time that they visit.

  1. Feel Good Factor – Our aim is for you, our visitors to have that feel good factor when you leave Pop Up Play Village. We don’t want you to leave more stressed that when you arrived which can easily happen when taking little ones out for the day. Our aim is for our village to be the ultimate role play experience where you leave feeling fantastic about the experience that you have just had with us.

That’s it, these are my top 10 ten benefits and ultimately the reasons why I wanted to create Pop Up Play Village for my family to benefit from and for you, our lovely customers to benefit from too!

Written by Becky Hoare, Franchisor of Pop Up Play Village